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Celtica Mapping 2011 - 2020

CELTICA MAPPING provides orienteering services and permanent markers for use by schools, outdoor centres, colleges and country parks

MARKERS        For teachers running orienteering lessons on their school site permanent markers save having to put out courses for each lesson.

In country parks a permanent  orienteering course provides an additional facility that requires little maintenance and encourages physical activity.

Coaches training club members in simple areas such as parks or playing fields may want to put out inconspicuous temporary markers for a session.

MAPPING     To run orienteering sessions a prerequisite is an orienteering map.  Apart from the difference in scale orienteering maps use different colours and symbols to other maps and so have to be drawn specially for the site.  

We specialise in mapping schools and outdoor centres and providing map updates.

We also plan courses and can provide a complete package of map, courses and markers as a turnkey solution  for setting up orienteering.

COURSES  We offer courses for teachers and Scout or Guide leaders with little or no previous experience of orienteering. Introductory half or full day courses on teaching orienteering skills to groups from 7 year olds upwards. Courses are designed for your specific requirements.

We can also provide tuition on orienteering mapping (surveying and/or using OCAD, the standard orienteering cartography program) and on course planning and the use of Purple Pen free course drawing software.

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Link:   COVID and school orienteering


Orienteering is an activity well suited to the present Covid situation.

  1. It is an outdoor activity
  2. Children can work individually (or in fixed pairs) and keep well apart from others
  3. No touching the markers, they only need to note the number or letter
  4. It can utilise your whole school site spreading children across it,
  5. It provide good physical exercise without the children coming into close contact
  6. Activities are easily differentiated for varying abilities.  All can take part at the same time but at an appropriate level.

However, you need an orienteering map of the school.  These are normally A4 size and can be laminated they so they are easily sanitised between uses.   

You also need “control markers” for the children to find.  Permanent markers  once installed mean that you do not have to put them out before a lesson and they can’t be moved by other children.

Preparation is key.  Have plenty of maps for different courses, and send children round courses in both directions.  If you want friendly competition without the problems of timing then start pairs in opposite directions around a course, say course A, the first back is the winner.   The next pair can do a different course almost immediately, say Course B, again in opposite directions by which time a third pair can set off on course A.

Collecting letters from specific markers to make anagrams means that children keep the same “map for the whole lesson - no need to sanitise between users.

Brexit update.  Due to the uncertainties and complexities of dealing with goods sent to Northern Ireland we have decided that from 1st January 2021 we will no longer accept orders from Northern Ireland.