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Sunset Banner T's & C's

Type A marker

Our basic marker, 75mm. x 75mm (3” x 3”) and approximately 1.5mm thick .   This marker can be used in conjunction with separate letters, numbers or symbols attached beside it or carved into wooden posts, or can be customised with a permanent marker pen and stencil to meet your own requirements.   Useful for training sessions too, where uncoded markers may be sufficient.  Easy for coaches to carry around when putting them out and less obtrusive laid on the ground at a control point so less likely to be interfered with by others; and if any do go missing less costly than losing training kites.

£22.50 for a set of 15 markers

Type B marker

Type C marker

Type D marker

Our most popular marker.   This marker is like the Type A, but has an additional panel below the marker with three codes.  This makes it 100mm  x 75mm (approx. 4” x 3”).   The left hand code is a random 2 letter code in black, the middle has a random two or three digit number in red while the right hand box has a single letter from A through to Z in one of four colours (this makes the different sets identifiable, but has no other significance).  By providing multiple codes several children can be doing the same course, but are unable to swap answers if collecting different codes.  It also means that on a school site youngsters do not get to remember the codes even if they visit the same point on several different courses as they can be collecting different codes each time.  

The single letter codes in the right hand box can be used with score maps, the children being sent to collect the single letters on specific markers and then solve an anagram (e.g. “visit points 5,7,13, 17 and 23 in any order and then rearrange the letters to make the name of a bird” Click here to see an example).  There are 4 different sets of type B markers, all with A - Z  so by buying two sets you can double up on all of the single letters (i.e. have 56 markers, although not necessarily putting every marker out) but still have different number and letter pair codes on every marker.  

These markers are identical to the type B sets, but instead of a single letter in the right hand box they have a random letter and random single digit in blue.  The full alphabet is not used (e.g. No O and I, which can be confused with 0 and 1), and consequently some letters are used more than once.  As with the Type B markers, 4 different sets (with all codes unique) are available.   If you order more than one set, or order a further set later, you can specify that you either want the same codes, or a different set.  The right hand single letter/single digit combination is always blue. Sets are identified by the colour of a tiny triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the marker.

Our latest addition to the range.  These markers are the same size as the Type A markers but have numbers 1 through to 15 in the top left, and a random single letter in the lower right.  

There are two sets available, numbered 1 - 15 and 16 - 30 so that larger numbers of markers can be installed on a site.  Clearly there are not enough single letters for all in a double set of 30 to be unique, and to avoid confusion some like letters like I and O are not used, so there are duplicates, but letters are used in random sequence (click here to see codes).

We are not great fans of numbering permanent markers where the number corresponds with the control numbers on the map.  Yes, this does mean that youngsters can confirm where they are on the map if they find a marker, but we have observed youngsters sweep searching the area.  When they find any marker they note the the answer in the appropriate box on their control card. The instructor may think they have done well, with most youngsters finding most markers on their courses, but doesn’t realise that in some cases these had been found in random order.  If markers have no control number on then youngsters only know where they are by map reading, and it is easy to tell those who have really understood the map reading.

£45.00 for a set of 26 markers A through to Z

£22.50 for a set of 15 markers

£45.00 for a set of 26 markers

Special Markers

We have a number types of of “START”, “FINISH” and blank markers.  We cannot supply individual missing markers - there are too many codes to stock and markers are produced in large sheets, not individually.  The blank marker is useful if one marker from a B or C set is vandalised, and needs to be replaced.  Any code can be hand written with a permanent marker pen.

The most popular marker here is a combined START/FINISH marker, although for courses with a different start and finish separate markers are available, as are markers with the international “Start” and “Finish” symbols instead of words.

75 x 100mm size £2.00 each,    75 x 75mm size £1.50 each

Start Finish marker (75 x 50mm)  £1.50

Start marker  (75 x 100mm)

Blank marker  (75 x 100mm)

Finish Marker   (75 x 100mm)

Combined Start / Finish marker

(75 x 100mm)

Custom Markers

We can produce special orders, although these will incur considerable extra cost as special artwork will have to be done for each order.  We have produced type D markers with customer specified codes, and other markers identifiable by a star in the top left corner. Type B or C markers can be provided numbered 1 - 26 in the middle code box or in the upper left corner (like Type D) Cost will depend on the amount of extra work involved.  For example, simply changing the orange triangle to a different colour would not be difficult.   It may be possible to add your order to a sheet we are already having manufactured, but this may mean a considerable wait.  Alternatively if you can order approaching a full sheet of markers (104 of Types B or C, 136 of Type A or D) it can go for immediate production. Contact us to discuss possibilities and supplementary costs.


Markers can be glued or screwed in place.  They are also easy to drill yourself.  If you prefer we can pre-drill them with 4 holes per marker at an additional cost of £7 per set for Types A and D, £12 per set for Types B and C and £16 for Extended Type B sets.   Holes can be drilled either in the 4 corners of the marker (Drilling Pattern A), or in the corners on the orienteering symbol part of the marker only (Drilling Pattern B).  The former is the most secure against the markers being prised up, but if this is not an issue (for example the markers have been placed out of reach, or rebated into wooden posts), then we would recommend the latter as the screws cannot interfere the codes.  Holes can be 3.5mm or 4mm diameter with 3.5mm being the standard size.

If ordering drilled Type B or C markers please specify if you want drilling pattern B, otherwise we will provide pattern A  

Drilling Pattern B

Drilling Pattern A


We recommend the use of stainless steel or brass screws, as steel screws, even if bright zinc plated (bzp) or passivated  may rust over time, leaving brown stains on the face of the marker. We can supply A2 stainless steel screws 3.5mm x 20mm long with pan (rounded) heads.  The markers are not thick enough to take a countersink, so we prefer the round head for neatness, although these are not easy to find if you are buying locally.

Our prices are 8p. per screw .  Discounted prices for large quantities (per screw):  

7p. each over 150, 6p. each over 500, 4p. each over 1000

Post & packing

£4.95 per order (excepting small orders for just a few markers or screws which we will quote for separately).


We do not have an e-commerce facility.  You have to e-mail or phone us, see the Contacts page

We accept official orders from councils, schools, public bodies and  most orienteering clubs, and will invoice with the goods.

Other orders must be pre-paid.  We will issue an invoice by e-mail on receipt of your order.

We do not normally sell outside the UK.  Customers from elsewhere should contact us and arrange to pay in sterling.  Additional postage charges will apply.

Payment may be made by cheque or direct bank transfer (e.g. internet banking, BACS payments).  We do not have the facility to accept credit card payments.   

For terms and conditions click here

Note:  We are not VAT registered as our turnover is too small.

We usually have all marker types in stock.  Occasionally we may run out of one type, in which case there can be a delay of 2 to 3 weeks until we get fresh supplies from our manufacturer.

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This gives the opportunity to extend the range of anagrams by providing duplicates of the nine most commonly used letters but without the cost of buying a complete second set. The extended set has 35 markers, A - Z, plus duplicates of  A,D,E,L,N,O,R,S and T.     All number and letter pair codes are unique.  This considerably extends the range of anagrams possible (click here).  Three different extended sets are available should you need more than one set on a site.  For people already with the 26 letter set we also offer the 9 letter extension set alone to create an Extended set.  

£60.00 for an Extended Type B set of 35 markers

£15.00 for a Type B Extension set of 9 markers

Full range of Start and Finish markers, large ones £2.00, small ones £1.50

Extended Type B set