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The Outdoor Award

The Outdoor Award is an Award aimed at encouraging good quality outdoor education in primary schools.  In particular it looks to provide an holistic approach to the local environment, combining outdoor activity modules with modules about the local environment and heritage.  It is for pupils in years 5 and 6, who receive a Certificate on completion.  Schools are also accredited at one of three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold.  For more details visit the Outdoor Partnership website.  If your school would be interested in taking part then contact us.

We were originally asked to provide an Evaluation Report of the pilot scheme that was run in 6 schools in Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey.  Having presented this Report in 2010 we were asked to implement nearly all our recommendations, including rewriting the Handbook, and became the administrators for the scheme.

Since then the Award has expanded, and is now running in about 45 schools across half the local authorities in Wales.  We act as the principal administrators with additional administrators in North East and South Wales.

We would be happy to consider other proposals for consultancy work in the future

Outdoor Award School April 2013

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