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Terms, conditions and privacy

If you have made it this far then it shows some determination.  Customers and website users expect businesses to have lots of small print terms and conditions, that you often have to agree to before you can buy a widget.   Imagine you were stopped at the door of Tesco and had to agree pages of terms and conditions before you were allowed to buy anything!   

Anyway we have some here in pretty plain English, most of which are so obvious they hardly need saying.  If you are a lawyer and don’t like these then click here for another lot (which will also apply anyway) in solicitor talk and proper “small print”.


  1.  We are  keen to flog stuff (or services) as it makes us money, and selling stuff is part of the reason for having a website at all. But, just because we advertise something for sale on this website doesn’t mean we guarantee to have it.  We may do, or we may not do and have just forgotten to remove it, or we may have temporarily run out of stock, and if we do have it the price or the description on the website could be wrong, either because some malevolent b*****d has messed with the website, or just possibly because we have made a mistake.  That said we do make every effort to keep the website both accurate and current.
  2.  We can provide most standard items immediately but give no guarantee how soon you will get your purchases.  Most are sent out by first class Royal Mail.  If there will be a significant delay we will tell you as soon as possible when we expect to be able supply and you can choose to wait or cancel your order.
  3. Custom orders:  If the goods are made to the customer’s own specification then the customer cannot cancel or alter the order once it has been put into production.  The distance selling regulations do not apply so goods can then only be rejected if faulty.  If artwork has already been commenced before cancellation is made we reserve the right to provide only a partial refund to reflect costs already incurred.
  4. The Distance Selling Regulations apply.  Actually these  don’t apply to business to business contracts, but we will apply them to all customers anyway.  The Office of Fair Trading no longer exists but their old short guide provides useful information that we follow.  You can read it by clicking here.  The main point is that you can send back any item(s) that you receive without giving a reason, and receive a full refund for it/them, excepting custom orders made to your specific instruction. You will be responsible for the cost of return postage costs unless the goods are faulty.
  5.  The Sale of Goods Act says that products should be as described, of satisfactory quality (taking into account the price paid),  and fit for purpose.  We aim to supply a good quality stuff that does what you can reasonably expect it to do.  If we send out faulty goods we will provide a full refund (including postage) or (at your discretion) replace them, paying the additional postage costs involved.
  6.  Payment:  We do trust some large (but not necessarily ‘respected’) bodies such as the government, schools and councils, so will provide the goods or services against an official order form, invoicing once the goods or services have been supplied. We also trust British Orienteering affiliated orienteering clubs, ‘cos orienteers are very respectable people (mostly) and none have ever let us down.  Other customers must pay up-front - we will send you a invoice by e-mail, and send the goods once this has been paid.
    Obviously if goods are supplied before payment is received they remain our property until such time as payment is received. Invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date unless (exceptionally) other terms have been arranged beforehand.   We reserve the right to surcharge any invoices outstanding by more than 60 days and will withdraw or amend credit facilities for customers who consistently make late payment.

    We only accept payment in sterling.  No bitcoin, jellybeans, euros, or dollars. We only accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or cash - we do not have facilities to accept credit cards, debit cards or Paypal payment.   

    We are not registered with the Customs authorities and will not supply goods to addresses outside the U.K.    
  7. As at August 2022 we can supply goods to Northern Ireland providing the amount of the order does not exceed £135.00
  8.  Once we have sold you anything, be it markers or screws, it is up to you what you do with them.  Don’t try and blame us for any accidents - screws do have sharp points; paper instructions can catch fire.  Don’t let children be stupid with our products.
  9.  We are not big enough to be VAT registered.  Therefore we don’t charge VAT.  Consequently you cannot claim VAT back even if your business is VAT registered.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What data do we hold and how do we use it?

Our principal business is the supply of goods (permanent orienteering markers) although we may run courses and draw or update orienteering maps.

The majority of our customers are businesses: schools, colleges, local authorities, outdoor centres or outdoor instructors running their own outdoor based businesses although we also deal with orienteering clubs and youth organisations such as scouts.   In some cases we deal with a named individual in other cases only with the organisation.  GDPR applies only where an individual can be identified although we treat all records in the same way.

To process orders for goods we require a delivery address and often hold an associated name.  We may also have an e-mail address and/or telephone number depending how the order is placed and whether we have discussed the matter directly with the customer.  For services we provide (mapping, courses etc) we will normally need to have at least an e-mail address and a phone number for the organiser and/or their organisation.  If a course we run carries official accreditation (e.g. coaching qualification) we will normally require the candidates name and address in order that the accreditation or qualification can be recorded by the awarding body (usually British Orienteering or First4Sport) and we have to pass this information on to them.

We do not normally hold other personal data, and are never likely to hold any “sensitive” data except medical information which candidates must complete before undertaking any British Orienteering accredited course with a practical element. This is destroyed shortly after completion of the course with no sensitive information retained.

Delivery names and addresses are recorded on the invoice but not stored in identifiable form in a CRM database or spreadsheet. Small amounts of data relating to a customer’s order processing may also be stored.

How long do we retain information?

Copies of invoices with customer details are retained for at least 5 years in line with HMRC business record requirements.  

e-mails and e-mail contact addresses are deleted periodically (typically annually) unless we expect repeat business.

Data sharing

Celtica Mapping is a standalone business, and has no connection or data sharing with any other business or organisation except when running accredited courses for British Orienteering.    When running such courses it is necessary for us to pass candidate information on to British Orienteering and/or First4Sport for their records.  Otherwise no data is given away, shared with or sold to any other organisation.

We will share you data only with:-

Our accountants for the purpose of preparing our annual accounts.  This is provided to them as paper copy not electronically.

HMRC if they inspect our business accounts or demand trading information.

The police or other authorised government body (e.g. Customs and excise).

Your rights

If you have further questions about our privacy policy, its implementation or other matters relating to GDPR you are welcome to contact us.


We do not use mass mail shots.

We do not normally e-mail customers unless they contact us first.   An exception might be if we found a problem with a batch of markers and needed to offer replacement, if we needed to inform you of a data breach, or in the case of a course  to remind award candidates of the timeframe for work submission.

We do not have a shopping cart on the website or sell advertising space to any third party so as far as we are aware the site does not use cookies.  Therefore we do not have to ask you if you accept their use.

Data storage and protection

We give here details of our data protection policy and measures:

Normal security updates and virus checking programs are used to protect our customer’s data.

We retain copies of all invoices for at least 5 years.   These are retained as

a) an electronic copy of each invoice and a local backup to an external hard drive or flash drive of the data.   

b) one paper copy in case of catastrophic computer failure and for submission to our accountant

No customer data is stored in cloud storage or on computers not under our direct control (e.g. network computers elsewhere) excepting data submitted via the website enquiry form.  The website data is stored on servers located in the UK so the host also has to comply with GDPR, so any data stored on the website server will also be compliant with these regulations.

We do not allow anyone other than partners in the business to access customer’s data.  The exception to this is that we may have, on occasion, to employ an I.T. professional to repair a computer, recover data following a computer failure, or carry out other hardware or software updates or changes.

We do not accept, and hence do not hold, any credit card or debit card details.

Payment to us is only by bank transfer (Internet banking or BACS) by cheque or very occasionally cash.   We do not keep records of customer’s bank details or payment details except in as much as is necessary to maintain our records of payments received and deposit these payments with the bank (e.g. Bank paying in slip for a cheque and/or entry on a bank statement).  

Bank statements are retained for at least 5 years but these normally include only a payment reference (e.g. our invoice number or paying organisation name).

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