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This course is run by arrangement for an individual or small group.

Elsewhere we describe how we go about mapping a school site.   This is certainly one way to get your school mapped, but an alternative is to learn to do it yourself.   This course is ideally run over two days, but can be done as a one day course with just one or two participants.   You will need to consolidate the work done on the course with considerable amount of time spent drawing maps afterwards.   In the longer term this expertise can provide an income stream for an outdoor centre or schools development officer mapping their county schools as well as benefiting the schools themselves.  

Courses can be tailored to the participants requirements, but usually the following topics are covered:-

The practical session can ideally be be run on a small school site (i.e. primary school) but it can be run on the site of an outdoor centre, sports centre or public area such as a park.   The person requesting the course is best placed to suggest and arrange a suitable location.  They should also provide a 1:2,500 map of the site before the course.   

Indoor sessions require tables and chairs for participants to use laptop computers (mouse essential), which should be pre-loaded with OCAD.  Electric power will be required.  Participants should have a copy of OCAD 8 or newer (OCAD 12 is the current version) so that they can consolidate the teaching after the course.   

Mapping Course