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Permanent Markers

Our permanent markers are an economical solution to establishing permanent courses on school and outdoor centre sites, country parks, indeed anywhere from forests to urban environments.   They are in use in England, Scotland Wales, France and both Northern and Southern Ireland.

They can also be used by coaches needing markers for training sessions - they are easy to carry around, and suitably discreet when used in areas open to the general public.  If they do “disappear” then the loss is less than a third of the cost of a Silva training kite.

Markers in use at Stormont, Northern Ireland

Our markers are made from large sheets of rigid white plastic approximately 1.5mm thick.  A printed glossy plastic film is fixed onto the plastic sheet before it is cut into individual markers.  If required the markers can then be drilled for screws.

We looked at a number of different manufacturing methods, and selected this because it is economical and has relatively low set-up costs. This means we can produce a wider range of markers - in all we have some dozen different sets available from stock - and can, if needed, produce one-off customised designs.

Because of the production methods markers are normally only available in sets, but some special markers are available as singles


Marker codes

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