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Celtica Mapping 2011 - 2022


We specialise in mapping schools, colleges and country parks, and have completed around 100 maps.  These include maps of:-

and many primary and secondary schools throughout Wales.  We explain the process of mapping in detail here and answer some FAQ’s here

Our services range from simply mapping a site to a full package including planning marker positions and courses, supplying and fixing markers, and providing introductory courses for instructors or teachers on using the site.

Being based in Wales we are often asked for bilingual text on maps.  We can easily provide this.

For copyright reasons we are not able to provide extensive examples of our mapping on this website, but would be happy to e-mail copies of our maps if you contact us.

We have also successfully done the cartography for sites too expensive to visit (e.g. an Isle of Man outdoor centre) starting with their own hand drawn map and supplemented with other sources.