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Teaching Orienteering Courses

The British Orienteering teaching Orienteering Courses (TO1 and TO2) are aimed at qualified teachers and others already used to working with young people, such as Scout or Guide Leaders, leaders of Outdoor Activity Clubs or youth clubs, and others who may be involved in outdoor education.

The courses are not assessed, and are therefore not a qualification, although participants are given a Certificate of Attendance, and their names added to British Orienteering’s ‘Teaching Orienteering Course’ database.  

Because the Teaching Orienteering courses are aimed at teachers and group leaders it is expected that the participants will already have the group control and presentation skills; the course therefore concentrates on providing teaching ideas rather than how to manage activities.

Contact us about setting up a course.  We can make the necessary arrangements.  The requirements that we have to deliver a course are a teaching room with tables and chairs and an electricity supply, and that it is either on or beside a site that is already mapped for orienteering.  For TO1 a school site is ideal, while for TO2 a Country Park, which has slightly more complex terrain, is ideal, although a secondary school site can be used.  There is some latitude in delivery of the course, so courses can be weighted towards teaching a particular age group, or teaching on a specific site.

The course is limited to 14 participants.

A registration fee of £20.00 for TO1 and £30.00 for TO2 is payable to British Orienteering for each course participant in addition to our tutoring fees.  We can negotiate either a flat rate fee for the course, or a rate per person (subject to minimum numbers) depending on how the course is to be financed.  Courses may be open or closed.  Once they are registered with British Orienteering all courses are shown on their website, but closed courses are shown as full.

Setting up your own course

Courses for Scout and Guide Leaders

Orienteering is an excellent activity for Scouts and Guides in that it develops many valued qualities such as self-confidence, independence, map reading and navigation skills, and above all, when well taught, is both challenging and good fun.

The British Orienteering’s ‘Teaching Orienteering’ courses are useful, but may not be specific enough for the Leader’s needs.  For example the TO1 course does not deal with compass work (most schools have few if any compasses) which Scouts and Guides may well want to teach.  Also, if you are working with older youngsters you cannot do the TO2 course until you have completed the TO1 course, which not only requires an additional day’s training, but also involves additional costs.  Indeed, if a number of Leaders want to train then the British Orienteering registration fees can become the largest cost in putting on a course.

We have therefore developed and delivered two specific courses for Scouts and Guides.  The first is aimed at Beaver and Cub leaders (or Rainbow and Brownie leaders) and the second at Scout and Explorer leaders (or Guide and the Senior Section leaders).  These courses could also be applicable to Woodcraft Folk Leaders, with the first course relevant to Woodchip and Elfin leaders, and the second to Pioneer and Venturer leaders, and DF’s.

Contact us to discuss these courses in more detail.

The TO1 course provides a structured approach to teaching orienteering to KS2 and KS3 children (7 - 14 year olds), working from introducing the concept of a map through using an orienteering map competently, and being able to complete a Yellow  (TD2) standard course.  Topics covered include orientation exercises, orienteering map symbols and colours, using handrails, course planning for teachers and general safety and risk assessment. Participants receive a British Orienteering resource CD on completing the course.

The TO2 course builds on the TO1 course, indeed the TO1 course is a prerequisite for doing the TO2 course (we may run the TO1 and TO2 courses on successive days).  The TO2 course extends teaching through KS3 to KS4 (GCSE level, or 14 to 16 year old).  Topics covered include compass work, understanding contours and land shape, and using more advanced orienteering techniques such as attack points, aiming off, rough and fine compass and simplification.  Correct application of these techniques will enable youngsters to move up to TD4 (Light Green standard).  Participants receive a BOF resource CD and book on teaching orienteering at KS3 and 4 on completing the course.

On completing either course participants may become tutors for British Orienteering’s ‘Young Leader Award’, aimed at 14 - 19 year olds.

For more information go to British Orienteering website.

Endorsements from past courses….

Very well run.  Everything explained thoroughly”       (TO1 course)

Excellent delivery, pitched at the right level”            (TO1 course run for outdoor centre staff)

An excellent weekend.  Great fun.  Very useful”      (combined TO1 and TO2 course)

Fantastic and enthusiastic leaders”                        (TO1 course for PGCE students)

Very good and enjoyable course.  The session was delivered to a very high standard”  (TO1 course for PGCE students)

Superb delivery pace and practical activities”           (combined TO1 and TO2 course)

Extremely useful course - will be far more confident in delivery of orienteering in school”   (combined TO1 and TO2 course)

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