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Terms and conditions

If you have made it this far then it shows some determination.  Customers and website users expect businesses to have lots of small print terms and conditions, and indeed you often have to agree to all these before you can buy a widget or download a software update.  So we have some here, but in pretty plain English, most of which are so obvious they hardly need saying.  If you don’t like these then click here for another lot (which will also apply anyway) in legal jargon and proper “small print”.


  1. We are of course very keen to flog stuff (or services) as it makes us money, and selling stuff is part of the reason for having a website at all.  But, just because we advertise something for sale on this website doesn’t mean we actually have it to sell!  We may have temporarily run out of stock (in which case we will tell you how long we expect to wait before we have restocked); or stopped doing an item but not updated the website yet, and even if we do have it, the price on the website could be wrong, either because some malevolent b*****d has messed with our website, or just possibly we could have made a mistake in the price or description (although we do make every effort to keep it both accurate and current).

  2. We provide no guarantee of how quickly you will receive your goods.  We normally despatch by first class Royal Mail within a day or two and will keep you informed if your order is going to take longer.

  3. The Distance Selling Regulations apply.  Actually they don’t apply to business to business contracts, but we will follow them for everybody anyway. You can read the rules by clicking here.  The main point is that you can send back any item(s) that you receive without giving a reason, and receive a full refund for it/them.  But you will be responsible for the return postage costs unless the goods are faulty.

  4. However, this does not apply if the goods have been made to the customers own specification.  Then the customer cannot cancel or alter the order once it has been agreed, ‘cos if you order a set of markers with cuniform characters and cute kittens we won’t be able to sell them to anyone else.

  1. The Sale of Goods Act says that products should be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.  We aim to supply good quality stuff that does what you can reasonably expect it to do.  If we send out faulty goods we will provide a full refund (including postage) or (at your discretion) replace them, with us paying all additional postage costs involved.

  2. We don’t want hassle collecting money owed to us.  If we don’t know you, you must therefore pay up front (we can send you a invoice by e-mail), and send the goods once this has been paid.  We do trust some large (but not always ‘respected’) bodies such as the government and councils, so will provide the goods or services against an official order form, invoicing once these goods or services have been supplied.  We also trust most orienteering clubs, ‘cos orienteers are very respectable people (mostly!).   If you don’t know which category you fall into, just ask.

  3. We only accept payment in sterling.  No jellybeans, bit coin, euros, or dollars. We only accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or cash.  We do not have facilities to accept credit cards, debit cards or Paypal payment.  Our bank account details will be on any invoice we send you.

  1. We normally only sell to UK customers.  We will consider sending goods abroad, but at the buyers risk, and foreign orders will incur higher postage charges which we will pass on.   This extra charge is around £3.00 for a single set of markers sent elsewhere in Europe

  2. Once we have sold you anything, be it markers or screws, it is up to you what you do with them.  Don’t try and blame us for any accidents, which are your fault.  Yes our screw have points, and yes if you try hard you can drill your hand when trying to drill a marker
  3. We are not big enough to be VAT registered.  Therefore we don’t charge VAT.  Consequently you cannot claim VAT back even if your business is VAT registered.


  1. Don’t mess with our website even if you can.  

If you do any of these we shall be very cross, and help the coppers bang you to rights.

  1. Don’t trust anything we say on this site, and don’t trust any other site we link to.  We try to get everything right, but we all make mistakes, so don’t blame us if you lose your home because of something we said or implied.  Actually your home is not at risk if you buy our markers.

  2. We hold the intellectual property rights to everything on our website.  We also hold the copyright (or have permission from the copyright holder) to the pictures on the website.  (Note the © symbol at the bottom of each page).  But you may download and distribute information from the website as long as it isn’t for your commercial gain.  In other words, don’t rip off our site, but by all means show other people what fantastic stuff we sell.


  3. If you are embarrassed to be purchasing from us we will send goods out is anonymous brown paper packages tied up with string.  Just let us know if you want this service.  We do make an additional charge of £1.00 (just so everybody who has read this far doesn’t start asking).

  4. This may sound obvious (because it is!), but to buy anything we post out you have to give us some personal information, like who to invoice, who to address it to, and where to send it.   If you have contacted us by e-mail we will have your e-mail address too.  If you pay by cheque we will have the bank account details (although we don’t record these, except for the name on your cheque, when we complete a bank paying in slip).  We won’t have any highly sensitive data such as credit card numbers (since we don’t take cards), and we won’t sell or deliberately give away any of this information. However, some of the data you give us could be stolen by hackers breaking into our computers, or by thieves stealing the computer itself.  If you don’t want to take this chance then don’t buy.